Sunday, January 16, 2011


Originally posted January 6, 2011

Margaret, a friend, went out of town, so her dog Kiva came to stay.

Kiva came to me because she had escaped from her last two petsitters. Kiva is an escape artist.

As soon as she came in the house, she headed for the doggie door to the back yard. We have cats, so we have a round barrier along the entire top of the fence so they can't get out. Kiva checked it out, apparently soon realized there was no escaping, and she came back inside.

The front-yard fence is only 4-feet high, so I took her on lead the first time. After a few treats and a marrow bone, she never once tried to escape.

We had a snowstorm the first night she arrived. She loved the snow. She played with all my dogs, and the neighbor's dog even came over for a fun roll in the snow. Kiva was delightful. She can come and stay anytime!

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