Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm back.....finally

Hello all. I had surgery on my right wrist and haven't been allowed on the computer till it was mostly healed. They took a bone out of the base of my thumb and replaced it with a tendon from my forearm.

I have had an exciting and busy couple of months. Lots of new kids and even a pig named Ziffel. He was my first pig. He lives with his Mom Tamara who works at Best Friends Animal Society, her son, two Bully Wippets and 4 cats. He sleeps at the foot of Mom's bed, on piggy comforters. He's a great pig, pretty gentle too. I was wondering if he had teeth, his mouth was so soft, but I was assured he has teeth and can use them!! It was a wonderful experience. I hope to care for him again.
 I can't type for long so I'll write more tomorrow.

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