Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The tiny hiker

Another wonderful day. Sofie decided to throw on a sun dress and join us on the hike. She also convinced Twinkie to join her. Twinkie doesn't have any cloths of her own yet so Sofie lent her something. We met some  Best Friends Volunteers on the trail, Joann and Alan, from Canada, who asked if they could join us. They had never been on a hike with 9 dogs. Sofie is 3.2lbs. That doesn't slow her down. She walks as far as everybody else. It was Twink's first hike so she was in a sling on the way back. She has a heart murmur so we didn't want to push her.
P.S. I have ordered Twinkie 2 new sundresses, all her own!

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